Eve Kedar

Current role: Manager, Sales Enablement
Company: Gainsight

How did you get into Sales Enablement?

My graduate study was in education, leadership and change. My focus has a lot to do with aligning technology and the sales message. My entire career has revolved around training and development in one way or  another. Sales has to be upleveled. There is so much change and progress around SaaS, ARR and process, methodology and metrics need to be mapped to changing ways of business. I have met successful and talented sales people who want their profession to be front and center. Being part of sales enablement is a great opportunity to influence change and advise sales. The function is interesting and exciting, and this is where I want to be to improve people’s ability to map process and passion to outcomes.

What accomplishment are you the most proud of?

I am proud of my work -daily and I give it my best. I love coming in and bridging gaps, creating alignment between cross-functional teams. I aim to be the person who can help teams, magnify the success  of teams and builds on their strengths. I like  to do experiential training, leverage tools to train and do it in a way that folks get it and understand. Sales is so stressful, so I endeavor to make it fun.

What are you currently working on?

I currently work at Gainsight – its a customer success platform. The company helps other companies increase retention and decrease churn, and get better at understanding their customers. I run all of sales enablement for Gainsight, which is growing tremendously at a global pace. I work on sales technology and enablement and education programs to drive better outcomes for sales. I really love working at Gainsight – they have values and passion and live by it, everyone from top of the chain to the analyst. The company and its culture stand for honesty, diversity and has fun.
-Do you know about SES – if yes What do you hope for the Sales Enablement Society?

SES is a new organization that I have heard of. I would love to learn the goals of the organization. The hope would be for the SES to truly uplift the sales enablement profession.  I would want the SES to build a common framework for technology stack and provide a thoughtful , strategic way to create an optimal tech stack based on company type and scale. The SES could also focus on ways to encourage diversity in sales enablement, which would be very helpful. SES should also enable salespeople to be more authentic and drive true value for the customer.

-If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

I want to have the power to make peace on this planet, to make us all better than we are. I would uplift everyone. We are so priviliged, wouldn’t it be great for everyone to have this privilege? I would make everyone into fire-breathing Super Sellers!

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