Amy Darnell

Current Role:  Strategic Account Director
Company: Conviva

Recent past: Sales Enablement
Company: Conviva

-How did you get into Sales Enablement?

Right out of college, I went to work in Advertising and then new business develpment at AT&T. Did B2B enterprise sales and was exposed to a solid sales enablement program. I had 4 weeks of new hire training in Atlanta. It was fantastic! I had an opportunity to move into consultative sales training certification. I spent a year learning how to qualify, negotiate and present by focusing exclusively on the customer. I then ran the training  program at AT&T, and by happy circumstance got recruited into a combination of selling and running sales enablement role at Conviva.

At Conviva, I first spent 1.5yrs learning on the field and then used the field learning to invent and kick off a sales onboarding program for the company. I built the sales enablement program from scratch and it turned out to be a fantastic experience.
-What accomplishment are you the most proud of?

Building a sales enablement program out of nothing @Conviva is my biggest accomplishment . I built an onboarding platform, a central knowledge repository and detailed playbooks and collateral. I put together process, land and expand strategy for the sales teams, cross-training programs, demos and experiential learning programs. Built the intranet for the company – any information that sales needs was all available on the intranet.

I put together a 30/60/90 onboarding plan for the sales team. Interviewed many sales teams and leaders to gather and assess the needs of the field (3 months), understand what the sale teams really need (6 months) and then built the program out (3+ months). I got to come in and translate field experience and build  a robust enablement program in a year. It was a very fulfilling experience.


-What are you currently working on? 

Currently, I am a strategic account director supporting Verizon and Comcast. I am working to understand and deliver customer value.


-Do you know about SES – if yes, what do you hope for the Sales Enablement Society?

I did not know about SES.

That said, it sounds like a good forum for sales enablement professionals to learn from each other. I would love to use the platform to drive engagement with like minded folks for knowledge share. Would be great to learn more about sales enablement best practices and challenges, through salons and workshops. Since sales enablement is a newer profession, interested in hearing answers to common questions – What should be the three pillars for succcess for sales enablement? How do you measure and ensure success of enablement programs? What are good metrics and benchmarks? What are best practices and priorities? What additional services ,from many new companies, are worth leveraging?  A good NY presence would be great!


-What do you do for fun over the weekend?

Spend time with two baby boys – in central park or other fun places. Weekends are 100% family time.

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