Hali Utstein

Current Role: Vice President of Marketing
Company:  Coastal Wealth

How did you get into Sales Enablement?
I was a marketer by trade, and in big corporations, I noticed the largest gap was the sales and marketing alignment. So I started by crossing that bridge, enabling my sellers more through education and training, which would then in turn increase revenue, and drive my marketing projects to perform tenfold.


What accomplishment are you the most proud of?
I recently left TransUnion and came to Coastal Wealth, which is the largest general agency in the state of Florida for Mass Mutual. I immediately got through my first 90 days learning all the systems and processes, and jumped right into building an enablement program here that’s built on the foundation of on-boarding and successful sales training. I try to tow the line between very strategic and never losing the tactical approach, so I’m always heavily involved with everything I put out. I’m usually the first person running through all the first, second or third iterations before passing it off to my team.


What are you currently working on?
I’m working on my three-year training calendar. It all starts with on-boarding. I’ve come into 194 advisors who have been here already, but I’ll have 50-60 new hires over the course of the year I’ve been here. That group you can teach the new automated ways to sell faster and better, but for the 194, shoving all that information into a six month training course is just not the way to go. By spreading it out, you get the systems and processes laid down so they understand the foundational, and then you slowly drip through the different ways to automate and improve their business. They’re all 1099 sellers, so we have to attack in a different way here as opposed to an inside sales group which I’ve done before.
In case you’re not familiar, the former Met Life firms were purchased by Mass Mutual, so we’re going through a technology gap and skills gap. A lot of our advisors are stuck in the older company ways, so part of my role here as marketing and enablement is to bring in that new technology, enable our sellers, automate their processes. It’s the first time for some of my sellers using Salesforce.com. So we’re at a really interesting forefront within financial advisory to the point where Mass Mutual’s home office is starting to take notice. It’s exciting because we have the opportunity at Coastal Wealth with our processes and systems, and apply it nationally.


What do you hope for the Sales Enablement Society?
My hope is to meet like-minded individuals who have a single purpose, which is to bring value to organizations by driving revenue through technology, planning and process.


If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
I’m Jean Grey. I’m the phoenix. I always rise from the ashes. I’ve been in the startup world forever! I draw strength from referencing Marvel superheroes because I think the people created them from their own idea of how they could change the company that they were with or the superpower they always wanted to make a difference. As you’re asking me this question, I’m holding my little bobblehead of Jean Grey, that someone at a previous company gave me to remind me that you can always do more.

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